Diabetic Diet

Staff August 26, 2019 0
Diabetic Diet

Diabetes is a chronic disease which affects the ability to manage sugar levels. Diabetes patients are expected to manage their blood sugar levels through proper diet and insulin injection. With over 2 million cases per year, there is a need for an accurate diabetic diet. Patients are encouraged to stick to regular mealtimes and eat moderate amounts of food.

Several types of diet can be adapted to suit dietary requirements. Some well-known diabetes diets include:
– Low glycemic index diet: Foods with high fiber content fall in this category. They are known to control blood sugar levels with the same efficiency as diabetes drugs.
– The Pritikin diet: Focuses on processed foods such as lean meats, fruits, grains, and seafood.
– Low carb diet: It controls processed sugar intake.
– Vegan diet: Vegetables are known in metabolizing the resulting sugars.

Diabetes can be prevented by avoiding foods that cause a rise in blood sugar levels. Processed sugars have a large impact on raising blood sugar levels.

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