Exercise can help to improve your health

Staff July 15, 2019 0
Exercise can help to improve your health

In the current society, there are increasing health problems including diabetes, obesity or cancer, that were not so prevalent a few decades ago. But, why has this happened?

This can be mainly attributed to the change in our lifestyle. Basically, people are more sedentary and have a less healthy diet than before. Improving any of these two factors would be undoubtedly beneficial for health.

Regarding physical exercise, there are many studies that defend a direct relationship between regular exercise and a lower incidence of several diseases. In fact, exercise is normally recommended to every person although they have no specific diseases, due to its well-known beneficial contribution to the overall well-being of the organism.

Therefore, and considering the higher incidence of diseases that can be reduced or even avoided with just a little bit of regular exercise, it is evident that we must raise awareness about the importance of physical activity for our present and future health.

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