Reduce heart disease risk

Staff August 14, 2019 0
Reduce heart disease risk

Heart disease is among the killer disease today. It can take life silently without any symptoms. Lifestyle changes and healthy diets with low cholesterol levels can reduce heart disease risk. The risk of this disease can be reduced by considering the following:

– Watch your weight
Excess weight is associated with type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure which are all contributors to heart disease. Losing weight will reduce the risk of developing this condition. Total BMI should fall between 18 to 22.9.

– Avoid unhealthy eating habits
Fatty foods, sugary foods, and processed foods are some of the foods that should be avoided. Choose foods with low fat, cholesterol, and sodium levels and those high in fiber. Fried foods such as chicken and fish are good sources of lean meat with a low amount of fat.

– Get active
Regular exercises will keep the risks minimal. It can be simple physical activities such as jogging, yoga, swimming, and walking.

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