When is Cardio Recommended?

Staff July 15, 2019 0
When is Cardio Recommended?

Cardio workouts are mainly intended to boost your heart rate; therefore, they won’t be effective for everyone at the same degree.

Examples of cardio workouts are:

• Jumping Jacks
• Skipping or jumping rope
• Elliptical
• Walking
• Running
• Interval training
• Circuit training
• Swimming
• Rowing
• Skaters
• Plyometric
• The list is endless

If you are overweight and determined to slim down by doing cardio exercises intensely, you may find yourself barely losing any pounds – despite the several towels soaked in sweat.

Plain cardio programs are ideal for those already within their preferred weight or already fit. Refer to any cardio workout video, those who mostly do cardio at your local gym, or anyone who does cardio a lot; you’ll notice that most of them are already in shape.

For effective weight loss, a combination of strength training and cardio exercises is the trick. Strength training will build muscle, which quickly and effectively burns fat. Cardio, on the other hand, will increase your heart rate and work out the rest of your body; consequently, improving blood circulation and maximizing the results you get from your workout sessions.

Bottom line: Plain or mostly cardio programs are ideal for those in shape. For people trying to lose weight, plain cardio programs may not produce the results they want – at least not at the pace they prefer. To speed things up, they should complement cardio with strength training.

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